And…we are teething!

My goodness in just 4 short months my Princess is moving right along and now we are teething! And after teeth come real food! From the breast to the plate omg!!!!!

Teethers are freezing
Natural Orajel in rotation (alcohol and benzocaine free)

*Important Note*
Baby Orajel containing benzocaine has been recalled as it has been found extremely dangerous for babies!

So far that’s all we have explored in our teething journey , but after chatting with a few of my mommy friends have given me a few natural teething remedy suggestions that I look forward to sharing.

*One great idea from a mommy friend was to freeze a clean wash cloth for teething baby to soothe on. It’s perfect for baby to handle. She loves it!

What great teething advice do you have?

Christmas in August!

Santa is already sharing his digital gifts!

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I immediately went into “guard my child at all cost mode” yesterday! Babygirl was in her bouncer when the house started rocking! Dropping to my knees thinking my headache was now causing dizziness, I was scared and confused…quickly the shaking escalated ,and already my little love was so tightly in my arms she probably thought I was trying to put her back in utero.

Truly I thought the rapture was upon us ( even though I didn’t hear the music or see any angels ). After that experience I added a extra prayer to my day! How scary! While a few things were broken and shifted my most precious person was safe so nothing else mattered!

I’m gonna just say I think my little one enjoyed the quake! Probably assuming mommy just turned up the setting on her bouncer.

With this experience being so fresh has it forced you to develop a emergency family plan?

Baby Mecca

Babies R Us is pretty much my world right now and I love i! The pregnancy is over…and babygirl is here and I just can’t shake the giddyness that this store brings me as I caress each new outfit and safety gadget that they haul in week after week!

I believe that another level of my excitement generates from the mass amount of coupons that they send me…because they know I’m a momma junky and they have what it takes to keep me hooked…. A DEAL!

One GRIPE I have is that those dang 20% off coupons that they send me all the time exclude EVERYTHING! Even the most essential thing DIAPERS is excluded from the coupons they distribute! “How Rude”

“Tooting My Mommy Horn” Today however I was victorious in my shopping and with sale + rewards member coupon combined, I scored my little darling a FREE outfit!

Ahhhh Tis Sweet is the Land of FREE

Who Knew?

Well now I do and I’m gonna share……. FISHER PRICE sell…wait for it…..wait for it….DIAPERS! And I love them! While we have been a faithful Pampers family, I recently tried out a pack of the Fisher Price “Happy Nights” and I have no complaints! The small pack of 20 is about $5.99! Which was my initial appeal.

But the absorbency is dare I say at least three times our beloved Pampers!

Love it!


Grandparents Day is fast approaching!

Doing anything special to celebrate the elders in your life?

Well here is a small gesture for the FREE is offering a free “Grandparents Day” greeting card by simply adding the code “gday11”

Power of the Boobie

Breastfeeding is definitely the way to go! Recently it’s come to my attention that naturally nourishing your child is causing quite the ruckus around the world. Know your rights in the event you find your breastfeeding in public challenged!
Here in Maryland the law states “A mother may breastfeed her child in any public or private location in which the mother and child are authorized to be.
A person may not restrict or limit the right of a mother to breastfeed her child.”

Know The Law

Another interesting tip for us MD Breastfeeding mommas is that breastfeeding accessories are to be exempt from tax!
Now that I know I won’t let them get me for my coins!

Post 1

Ahhhh guess who found a moment to blog….yes that means Princess Liv is sleeping! I am excited to share my experiences as a new momma! New body! New outlook! Loads of new baby products to give my opinions on! Stay tuned xx