Trick or Treat Anyone?

Any of you have any snazzy plans for the fall?

Dressing up? Pumpkin decorating? Trick or treating?

Having a little one is making me extra excited to celebrate everything! We¬† are working on our family costume and ‘m super excited parade around in our gear! Even though babygirl is young, and can’t eat the candy I don’t see anything wrong with trick or treating as a family

This month I plan on exploring the classes at “My Gym” and “Little Gym”! First class is free so why not! Have any of you been to either yet? What has been your experience?

Free Cards!

I love Greeting Cards!
With all the Holidays upcoming and Birthday’s popping up Im sure you guys will appreciate that the is offering a free card with the code: FBFREE
Hurry and use it before it expires guys!
I just ordered my card