Breaking Dawn with Baby!

Oh how I love the vamps!

With great anticipation I welcomed the premiere of “Breaking Dawn”!!!!

I decided to step out on a limb with all those crazed tweens and vamp groupies and take my sweet princess to the theater ! My baby girl is far from fussy and paired with a good feeding and a pending nap I figured the movie would be a success. As I reached the line of eager viewers waiting to enter the viewing rooms I noticed I was not the only momma who packed up the wee one to satisfy her own Breaking Dawn obsession! Now ‘m feeling EXTRA confident as we loaded in the theater seated in the unofficial “baby row” (in the back- on the end for easy maneuvering).

The lights go off and greatness begins! annnnnnnd *sticks out chest* Babygirl pretty much slept through the entire film! She popped up a few times as if she was knew how great of a movie she was missing ,but pretty much she slept. At the end of the film other movie goers complimented me on my well behaved little lady *BEAMING*

Ahhhhhhhh Mommy may have a new movie buddy!


Hey Momma’s!

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