Do you Dapple?

Motherhood has turned me into a cleaning machine. This world can’t be sanitized enough for my princess ,and with my cleaning I want my product to be safe. My initial interest in Dapple came about when even my bottles that I steamed seemed to have a layer of film that I was not comfortable with. Dapple has an amazing scent and I use it to clean all toys, equipment, spoons, plates, cups….anything wipe able that baby will touch!

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Hey Mommas!

Happy New Year!

Below is a link to an article that I found insanely alarming! My daughter was given tons of Jonson & Johnson product at the baby shower so without second guessing it I just put the products to use. I knew I should have done my research! The article in a nutshell reveals that some Johnson & Johnson products contain cancer causing chemicals!!!!!!!!! That was enough for me to yank them from my daughters bath tub!

Read for yourself…