First Flight

As family vacation got closer and closer I was really starting to worry about how Liv would deal with flying and Lord knows I didn’t need any drama going through security. When purchasing our tickets I selected flight times around Liv’s bedtimes. I’m not a fan of western medicine so I had no plan to subdue her with anything. My biggest concern was just that my busy baby would get restless and want to run around the plane. Liv played until the last 40 minutes of our 2 hour ride, she then cried wanting me to stand up and rock her to bed. She eventually fell asleep. I felt so bad and I listened waiting for someone to complain about my child so I could politely put them in their place. Yes! I’m that mother. Say anything about my little cub and I attack however, I’m blessed with people complimenting my baby so I don’t deal with any ignorance luckily for them. Returning home Liv slept well. Our flight was even later then the first and with 2 delays and 7 days of family fun under our belt she welcomed the sleep.

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