DC Playseum

On one of our recent adventures we visited the DC Playseum with some friends.

This is a really fun, relaxed environment for the little ones to explore some kiddie favorites. The day we first visited my goodness it was like a club! The line was so long to get in people were spilling out of the place. It had not even crossed my mind that on a Saturday this kiddie play place may be jamming. There were multiple birthday parties being held and children were buzzing all over the place.

Highlights of the playseum are…..pretty much everything! My daughters favorites are as follows: The Safeway grocery room, the Western style dress up room with saddle included, the animal room (baby girl had so many oohs and aahs in this room), the restaurant play area made my little Liv delighted as she pulled every dish out of the cabinets. Let me not forget to mention the ball room there are more rooms that are yet to mentioned.

This place really grows with the child’s age and creativity. It’s all about play so you don’t have to worry about standing in lines once your in or buying tokens, the fun is what you make it. Your wristband allows you entry for the day, you can come and go as you like which is great because we found a delicious sandwich place a few doors down. Our second time playing here we went during a week day and that was great! We definitely had more room to spread our wings and explore without much interference so I would really recommend the weekday especially if you have younger little ones that aren’t up for the fast competition of older children. Playseum has another location and we plan to visit there as well


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