Wagon Rides OH MY!!!

Per my title let me start off with my praise for my daughters Step 2 Wagon!

Her Auntie (or Anny as Liv affectionately calls her) gifted her with this double seated wagon for her first birthday! This wagon is so convenient and fun when she has a little friend over it’s a much cooler way to keep up with the kids then strollers ,and its definitely one item that will last her forever!

Liv is starting to get pretty popular with hosting these sleepovers ,and I must admit I just love entertaining little people so of course I had a jam packed weekend for the little ladies.

The weekend started off with SIX FLAGS! This is a weekly routine for my family that is guaranteed to wear little people out. The water park alone is a struggle to pull my daughter away from and every visit we HAVE to end with a FUNNEL CAKE SUNDAE so fattening and delish!

Sunday Funday we headed to Oxon Hill Farm so the girls could enjoy the animals. After a relaxing nature stroll, horse petting and watching the chickens strut in a line being handfed. We decided to head up the road to claim our spot for the Sunday night movie on the waterfront at the National Harbor. Mommy packed blankets, snacks, bubbles and crayons to busy the kids until sunset and SHOWTIME!


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