We Love…. Crayons

So much so that Liv finds it very necessary to break each and every one of her crayons into tiny pieces so she can have “more”.
Crayon bits are everywhere ,and good thing I wasn’t quick to toss them out. While browsing through Pinterest I ran across a ton of cool ways to upcycle crayons into beautiful molds!

How exciting!
Liv and I gathered up all her crayon bits
Peeled off the labels
Pulled out our tiny rubber heart mold from ikea
Sprinkled glitter into each mold
( because girls love glitter!)
Then placed as many broken crayon pieces as we could into each mold
Meanwhile, the oven had heated up to 300 degrees
I placed the soon to be heart crayons in the oven for 15 minutes
Let them cool until they have hardened …..then TA DA



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