We Love … Suja

Love green juice! I create all types of fruit and veggie drinks at home… but, at this point I’m madly deeply in love with cold press juices! A cold press juicer is definitely next on the list for new home goods!
Suja: Green Supreme yuuuuummmy!
2 Apples
Tons of Kale
No GMO’s
Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free
Eat to Live!

We Love …Fall Fun

After our late night at the Zoo I did not have the energy for our day at Mt.Vernon per my plan ,but luckily The Sports & Learning Complex had a fall event going on.
Crafts, snacks, bouncy house, train rides and crafts welcomed us.
Unfortunately, a few of the promoted activities were not there like the petting zoo and live performers…..booo




Boo at the Zoo

Our Halloween fun started Friday at 5pm!
The weather was so shockingly cold (I’m in denial that summer is over and coats are now needed)
So I had to use a alternate costume for Liv! Since she was bundled for the elements she strapped her wings over her coat and was a “Fairy”! The DC Zoo is hands down one of our fave places to visit and we do so routinely. So with the addition of some Halloween fun we were really excited for Boo at the Zoo! While we may have revised our costumes, plenty of families came out in full costume! Some of the most impressive and entertaining were the child Ipad as well as the elaborate family costumes like the Wizard of Oz! The unique costumes added to the excitement of the event!



The DC Zoo showcased animal encounters, educational booths, haunted petting zoo which is always fun and loads of treats!


The carousel ride with her aunt was definitely a highlight for Liv!
We had a blast and plan to incorporate this event into our fall traditions! This event was ticketed ,so be sure to plan ahead as this event is very popular.



Trick or Treat!

We Love Artisphere

We have been so busy lately that I’ve been putting off the Silver Clouds Exhibit at the Artisphere. I’m really happy that we made it!

Humongous body pillow style shiny silver “Clouds” flew around the room as my precious princess pushed and pulled them all about! Twirling her Saturday away!
Another cool site was the live chalk art and comic strip coloring area.
Liv was feeling so artistic the entire display area had to have been all of her work!


Good Times!
How did you spend your weekend?

Pumpkin Patch 2013

My little family really enjoys the holidays!
Sharing all the fun family traditions with your little makes everything even more special!
Most pumpkin patches are not open during the week to families which is pretty inconvenient … So discovering Queen Anne Farm so close to home and convientely open weekday hours was a blessing!


We love farms in general, the fresh food , novelty items, live stock and overall experience *sigh* these truly are the best moments.
Farm time is one of the rare times my family gets to disconnect from technology and just engulf ourselves in nature. We make an effort to appreciate these times as often as we can. Liv loaded into the little red wagon they had available and gazed at the chickens and other farm animals present, squealing and imitating their sounds. The bulk of our time was spent finding the best pumpkins of course. And yes pumpkinS because baby girl needed a big pumpkin and a tiny one as well. I swear she touched every pumpkin on the field 🙂
When she was satisfied with her selections. She also picked a sunflower to take home! We stopped in the little shop area for the neccessities yummy cider and pumpkin decorating kits!


So silly! And allll mine 🙂
Happy Fall!

Cavalia Odysseo

Even the freezing rain that came over the DC area didn’t stop us from heading down to the National Harbor for Cavalia Odysseo.


I must admit I had no idea what to expect ,but the show was sold out and I’m always interested in fun new things so we snagged some tickets to opening night and beyond enjoyed the event.

The horses were beautiful and performed an amazing show with tons of dramatic tricks with their humans. I was secretly not so secretly inspired by how well trained the horses were and took that as a challenge for how well I need to have my dogs behavior. The West African acrobats were hands down the life of the party! The were so lively doing an insane amount of flips and human pyramids. The West African acrobats also did a call and repeat portion of the show which was translated into “No More War On Earth” which was pretty powerful and extremely relevant. The live instruments were delightful and refreshing. At one point what is best described as a human carousel took place! My eyes were wide open the entire show! Towards the end the horses ran through water! I may never go to a ordinary circus again…and with the ticket prices being slashed as a government shutdown deal I encourage you to treat yourself to a wonderful performance!


We Love Sesame Street


Fall is here and I’m very excited about the shows my family and I have attended thus far!
A few weeks ago when we were still enjoying the last warm days we took Liv to enjoy Sesame Street Live : Make A New Friend! Just splendid! I initially wasn’t going to get the tickets since the show was in Baltimore ,but I am so glad we went.
Sesame Street is one of a handful of cartoons that I can actually allow her to watch without fear that something inappropriate will be discussed. Sesame Street is classic yet progressive, diverse,colorful, musical and educational. We approve and the live performance was definitely magical! Mommy & Daddy were admittedly dancing as much as Liv! When Elmo and Friends began a dance sequence to “Moves Like Jagger” that further cemented my thinking that Sesame Street is thee best cartoon ever!


Sesame Street can do no wrong in our book! I especially appreciate venues that think of us hard working parents and provide a bar area for enjoyment. Liv snagged a few goodies from the vendors that remind us of our awesome time at the show!
What cartoons are favorites in your home?

Taste of DC 2013

If you love food then the Taste of DC 2013 is where you need to be!
As a native to the area shamefully there were landmark eats that I had never even sampled such as Ben’s Chilli Bowl ( I know …I know) ,but after attending the event last year I’m totally locked in to a few new restaurants that I can’t live without. In general it’s a really good time with food and freebies.

The event will be held October 12-13, noon until 7 pm daily
Use the link below to purchase your tickets 🙂

Nom Nom Nom! Who ‘s Coming?