We Love Sesame Street


Fall is here and I’m very excited about the shows my family and I have attended thus far!
A few weeks ago when we were still enjoying the last warm days we took Liv to enjoy Sesame Street Live : Make A New Friend! Just splendid! I initially wasn’t going to get the tickets since the show was in Baltimore ,but I am so glad we went.
Sesame Street is one of a handful of cartoons that I can actually allow her to watch without fear that something inappropriate will be discussed. Sesame Street is classic yet progressive, diverse,colorful, musical and educational. We approve and the live performance was definitely magical! Mommy & Daddy were admittedly dancing as much as Liv! When Elmo and Friends began a dance sequence to “Moves Like Jagger” that further cemented my thinking that Sesame Street is thee best cartoon ever!


Sesame Street can do no wrong in our book! I especially appreciate venues that think of us hard working parents and provide a bar area for enjoyment. Liv snagged a few goodies from the vendors that remind us of our awesome time at the show!
What cartoons are favorites in your home?


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