Vegan Chocolate Milkshakes

Who’s getting excited for Vday!? We are!!
While getting crafty us ladies needed a fancy little treat so Liv and I whipped up some yummy vegan Chocolate Milkshakes!

So Delicious Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice cream
Almond Milk
A Touch of Honey around the edge of our glass to make the sprinkles stick


We Love DIY Toys and Crafts!

For all of the parents that have an avid SPROUT fan in your home …. Let’s just say this momma gets the GOOOOOD Egg Award! Lol lately we have really been getting crafty at home and Liv is loving every creative moment of it! Below is a little inspiration of cool activities to keep your little one happy.

Ring Toss




Pepperoni Pizza Balls with Marinara (excuse the messy marinara, eager eaters in my home lol)


We Love Mail

With the holidays and the extremely cold weather I feel like my family has gone into a slight hibernation mode…. Not really….but kinda so it was really important to me that we maximized our Saturday and visit a new site. Today my family visited the National Postal Museum. My daughter really LOVES mail! On a daily bases she is coloring cards, stuffing them in envelopes and using little stickers as her postage. While no “special” events were held today the staple exhibits alone were enough to hold our interest. One of the coolest parts of the museum had to be the highlighted area on stamps. Walls lined with mailboxes from around the world fascinated us as we led up to an area where you are able to sift through international stamps and choose a few to start your very own collection. Hands on things really rock our world. Liv decided she is interested in a stamp collection that incorporates animals. Additionally, the museum hosts a machine where guest can make “Cinderella Stamps” cute yet unusable for postage stamps. Check ours out below

And of course what is a field trip without stopping at the gift shop for a little take home goodness.
Liv has officially stepped up her mail sending play with this Melissa & Doug mailbox set

What fun things have you guys been up to?

We Love Spaghetti Squash


Spaghetti Squash is quickly replacing pasta in my home! Besides the occasional brown rice noodle, spaghetti squash is a much healthier alternative to incorporate into our favorite meals. Lately we had a yummy stir fry and beef spaghetti dish all using squash. To prepare my Spaghetti Squash I slice it in half, drizzle it with oil and seasonings, open side down on the baking sheet then bake it for 40 minutes prior to forking out my you my noodle substitute! Yum! Hope my new addiction inspires new eats in your home.