Port Discovery Children’s Museum

I don’t often travel to Baltimore but the Port Discovery Children’s Museum is definitely worth a day trip!


Your wristband is good for the day and you can leave and enter at your leisure and with the museum being located in the Baltimore Harbor food options are not limited. If you want to take the frugal route they do have a seated table area where you can enjoy your own snacks.
There are 3 floors jam packed with fun. We spent a great deal of time in the convenience market area, shopping, playing cashier, “gassing” up the full size car and even playing with ATM which was so cute. Right now they have a Sesame Street set area. Highlighting Sesame Street artwork from beginning to now, puppet show area, reading and even post cards that you can scribble notes on and mail to your favorite character.



The various hands on art projects were a highlight for my family!

Liv and her dad perfecting their enormous tower of blocks!

Liv’s vote on this museum is YES YES YES!

Homemade Aromatherapy Room Spray

Almost three years later and I’m still in love with the scent of the Dreft Fabric Spray ,and when I finished my last bottle I decided to make some room spray of my own.
Using my empty Dreft spray bottle ( or any spray bottle you have handy)
About 30 drops of lavender oil
Vodka ( ensures a long lasting scent)
You will have a great long lasting fabric spray.
Besides my oil drops both the vodka and water measurements were all by sight. You can also use your nose as a guide… Don’t overdo the vodka wouldn’t want that to overpower your yummy lavendar.
Lavender oil is great at soothing restlessness, depression and anxiety.
Hope you guys enjoy this spray inspiration


Winter Fun

Below are a few places we went last week.

This weekend was perfect to visit the Zoo!
It was warm enough for me to just wear my denim jacket and momma was thrilled! With this crazy cold weather we had not been since Zoolights and we are usually at the Zoo weekly! The carousel and train are always necessary on our visits.

Chuck E Cheese …. We have such a system at this place. Coupon for the token motherload, Pizza and juice box for her, beer for mommy, of course we bring our official Chuck E Cheese tote for all of our tickets and while we are currently saving for a BIG prize Princess Liv always gets cotton candy to go.

Sports and Learning Center open gymnastics is perfect for drop in fun during the daytime. Little ones and parents ( adults be prepared to wear flexible clothing) get a great workout. The trampoline, massive foam pit, balancing beams, walls to climb, monkey bars and tons of mats to perfect those flips. After we always enjoy a snack that I pack or purchase something from the cafe.

Bowie Branch Library! We love books and this new library is so welcoming to do just that. The small readers area is so bright and spacious filled with little toys mounted along the walls. The large faux tree in the kids area is so great to read under and stimulate little imaginations. I was really pleased. This library is perfect for a little reading play date. This location also offers the option to check out iPads! How 2014!


Weekend Cool

Sunday we started our day with Disney on Ice! Honestly, I felt like this performance was just ok…. ” 100 Years of Magic” wasn’t that magical to me. Mulan and Lion King were definitely highlights. However, my issues were where the hell was Princess Tiana? and Why is there always violence ie. the stabbing of the Beast.

After, we headed to The National Portrait Gallery which is probably my favorite museum in DC. They are currently running an ” American Cool ” exhibit highlighting influential tastemakers, artist, athletes, rebels, and charismatic souls. From the 1940s until present those we have chosen to lead the cool brigade in this country were all represented

Unfortunately with the crowd I wasn’t able to get any good shots.
The complimentary warm tea and hot coco for kiddies was a yummy treat.
Taking Liv to museums is such a joy to teach her and highlight aspects of art that are relatable to her. Hearing her interpretation of things she sees is just wonderful.

Have I mentioned that I’m tired of wearing a coat and that this winter wonderland we are in is starting to get pretty outrageous?! Well the Botanical Gardens gave us a mini escape from the elements and it gave us a indoor / outdoor vibe that we all appreciated!


How have you snow bunnies been keeping busy?

Barbara Kruger: Belief + Doubt

I love learning and experiencing new things! Never have I ever been to the HIrshhorn museum here in DC so my wonderful little Princess and I took some time to consume the Barbara Kruger exhibit. I strongly encourage checking it out. Liv enjoyed identifying letters and singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as loudly as possible in the exhibit space. The thought provoking questions and statements made for a good moment.




Hirshhorn Museum is free and conveniently located at L’enfant metro station Enjoy!