Ballet, Tap & Tumbling

Princess Liv may be thee most beautiful ballerina if I do say so myself 🙂
What a blessing to have found a creative space where my daughter can explore her contribution to art through motion. Liv has begun her dance career at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop , and we love it. Everyone is kind and welcoming and her teacher who is also a mother and former professional cheerleader is experienced and engaging with her little students. After the open house held a month prior to class and a Frozen song was played for the final dance…that was the last sign we need to signal this was the place for Liv.
Both Liv and I had some first day of school jitters but by fate I was able to sign up as class mom for the first class and that really helped me a great deal. See once Liv arrived and I put on her tap shoes she was ready. But with this being her first non mommy and me class, I was internally freaking out! But, after seeing just how much fun she was having I was excited to have her experience that hour of independence each week ( while mommy waits downstairs lol). Turning 3 comes with so much independence! Wow! Just a year ago we were still breast feeding! I’m so proud of my girl! She is so kind and creative! Go Liv!