Us .vs. Them

“Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song”



Family weekend at Towson was really fun! Visiting with my sister ,and beaming with pride at what a positive example she is on campus makes my heart smile. Liv says her favorite part of the visit was raiding my sisters dorm for APPLE JACKS cereal haaaaa but we all know she adores her Aunt!
I’m stoked about returning to Towson as the Elon football team crushes them in November ( I literally have no idea of the stats I’m just a proud Alum)! Oh to be in college again….I will be reliving those days while we tailgate and cheer on the game! I plan for this event to be extremely Hunger Gamesesque as my family will be divided between Towson and Elon University!
“May the odds be forever in your favor”

Who’s Your Pediatrician?

We are blessed with a great pediatrician for Liv! Thankfully we haven’t had many visits beyond our yearly check ups. I began looking for pediatricians while I was pregnant and decided on one affiliated with Children’s Hospital. Unlike us adults who don’t spend much time in a doctors office. Selecting who will be providing your little ones healthcare is huge! This person or office will consistently be apart of your families life until they reach adult hood. I am very hands on and come prepared to each visit with knowledge so for me finding a Doctor who had a mindset of partnering with the parents for optimal wellness of the child was exactly what I needed. While we have stayed with the same office I switched her primary doctor before she was six months and I also encountered a careless and disrespectful nurse unfortunately that is now banned from interacting with my family. Just a few growing pains to discover the Rockstar doctor she has now!

Enjoy this doctor office funny

How did you guys select your pediatrician? Any interesting stories?

Daddy Daughter Date Night Event

The example of a Father is so special to a young princess. My heart beams seeing Liv and her dad sharing special moments!
*CANCELED* Unfortunately the manager contacted me this evening alerting me that this event won’t resume until October
This week Chilli’s in Waldorf is hosting a Daddy Daughter Date Night.
While dining with your princess enjoy FREE crafts, balloons and complete your evening with a photo!
Be sure to make reservations, it is a date 🙂
Contact for more Information
2960 Festival Way, Waldorf, MD 20601
(301) 870-7348