Who’s Your Pediatrician?

We are blessed with a great pediatrician for Liv! Thankfully we haven’t had many visits beyond our yearly check ups. I began looking for pediatricians while I was pregnant and decided on one affiliated with Children’s Hospital. Unlike us adults who don’t spend much time in a doctors office. Selecting who will be providing your little ones healthcare is huge! This person or office will consistently be apart of your families life until they reach adult hood. I am very hands on and come prepared to each visit with knowledge so for me finding a Doctor who had a mindset of partnering with the parents for optimal wellness of the child was exactly what I needed. While we have stayed with the same office I switched her primary doctor before she was six months and I also encountered a careless and disrespectful nurse unfortunately that is now banned from interacting with my family. Just a few growing pains to discover the Rockstar doctor she has now!

Enjoy this doctor office funny

How did you guys select your pediatrician? Any interesting stories?


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