We Love DC

DC is just so good to us. All of the free museums and impromptu events never get old! Yesterday we played at the Postal Museum ;Liv is a mail enthusiast! Collecting stamps that she uses for crafting later, pretending to drive the massive mail truck as well as sorting mail on the old mail train car make for great creative play while also exposing little ones to the history of our mail system. The museum also includes postal boxes from around the world. Because we are field trip addicts, I am careful not to waste money on “we were here trinkets” , Yesterday liv fell in love with a pony that she was not going to let me leave the museum without as well as a make your own Christmas card kit! I literally squealed to myself about what amazing cards she would create later for her little loves!

After the Postal Museum we headed over to Union Station to hear violinist Joshua Bell perform with a few of his students. Let me tell you…..the crowd that came out to see this performance was aggressive! Having a child in a stroller was no saving grace! Adults were clammering for a position in the mob as if it was a free BeyoncĂ© concert! We could not even see him and his group ,but the sounds were lovely! So much so that after the first piece Liv fell asleep. Check out this great footage of Joshua Bell in Union Station

I’m currently anti naps for her because I want her to go bed at a reasonable hour but I didn’t disturb her…. Next up lunch! Have you guys had shake shack? There are so many fresh organic/grass fed/ yadda yadda burger spots now. I’m debating going back to a pescatarian lifestyle but these cheese burgers have a hold on me! My fave right now is a Good Eats in Georgetown! The Obama Burger…… Don’t deprive yourself! So damn good!


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