We Love … Festivals!

Was anyone else at the Bowie International Festival this weekend? Liv had a play date at the festival and it was really a good time for the little ones! They were greeted with a “passport” that they were to take around to about ten participating tables for stamps and activities. The kids were able to make jewelry, make kites, create a book all about themselves, have their name written in Asian writing, pet and learn about various animals , track butterfly migration and many other cool activities. Once their passport was full the kids were able to receive two rewards of their choice! (How Awesome Right!) This event was pet friendly of course because it was at the park and the playgrounds are always key in running some energy out of a energetic toddler! Unfortunately, we missed the African dance performance earlier in the event but we did get a front row seat at the Asian dance performance. This group of kids have performed for President Obama’s inauguration in the past and their display of moves with the dragon they maneuvered together was impressive!
What festivals are on your calendar?


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