We Love… A Change of Color

Another Fall favorite!
The highlights of this book:
*Introducing my toddler to the definition of Chlorophyll
*The activities in the back of the book
1. Create leaf rubbings: Simply gather some leaves , place the leaf under your peice of paper,and rub a paperless crayon over the paper. Your little one will be amazed at the wonderful details that pop out from their artwork.
2. Preserve your favorite leaves: Gather your favorite leaves ( non crunchy), Place leaves between two sheets of wax paper, place a cloth over the wax closure, iron the leaves in the wax paper with the cloth cover. In a matter of a minutes you have preserved that Fall moment for the entire year. Use the entire sheet as wall decor or to place in a memory book or even think about cutting each leaf out so the kids can play with later.

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