WeLove Home!

This Wednesday we attended an early screening for Home It was absolutely amazing! Let’s begin with the obvious appeal…. The main character is a strong and brave brown girl by the name of Gratuity! Of all the films I have taken my little to see (and she is quite the little aficionado) this is the first time there has been a film that made a huge effort to be inclusive of varied shades of the human race. Let alone a brown main character! Watching the theatre fill with little brown girls with curly hair, I was literally over joyed that Dreamworks created this film. Representation is so necessary! The storyline centered heavily on the importance of family as well as individuality. The value of family and the lengths in which loved ones will endure to stay together. The movie is rated PG so for the sensitive be mindful that the words stupid and idiot were used once or twice ,and I was a little confused as to why there was no explanation about the absence of her father. However, none of these things were a distraction to the theme of love and loyalty that in the end saved everyone. This is absolutely a movie I look forward to adding to our collection and watching over and over! Don’t walk …run to the theatre with your family for this awesome film.



WeLove Tea Tree Oil *Giveaway*

Momma is totally in love with oils and making my own natural home care products! So when I had the opportunity to review Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil I was thrilled about the possibilities! Being a Tea Tree Oil newbie I really appreciated the guide book of recipes provided to me with this product. First of all the smell is intoxicating in such a good way. The scent is very clean and refreshing ,definitely a wonderful ,safe and natural alternative to regular mainstream cleaning products (which I look forward to creating with this oil).


My first project was homemade carpet fresh!

Using a empty plastic container that once held some spices ,I filled it with baking soda and I let the tea tree oil drip in for about 40 seconds. After a few shakes with the top on (to be sure the ingredients were properly mingled)  I liberally shook the DIY carpet fresh all over and after the vacuuming the fresh scent premiated my home.

Laundry scent boost! Add a few spoonfuls to your load and reap the benefits of this natural scent boots and bacteria eliminator

Air deodorizer! Soak a few cotton balls and sit them in a area you wish to keep pleasantly scented

I’m very pleased with this oil ,and I plan to continue to explore more ways to incorporate it into my natural living.

*The first person to email me at welovelivblog@gmail.com will have the opportunity to win their very own bottle of this amazing oil!

WeLove Positive Role Models

Last month I introduced Liv to The Gabby Douglass Story , and she has since watched it a record breaking amount of times. Literally backtoback and totally engaged… To the point the story as well as the lines can easily be recalled. I’m happy I found such a awesome story on Netflix of a amazingly hardworking and strong young girl! Gabby’s work ethic in the gym as well as her mothers sacrifice for her children are heartwarming and motivating. (There are some pretty good songs in the movie as well!) Now when Liv goes to gymnastics she is even more enthusiastic about pushing herself to get closer to the achievements of her role model Gabriel Douglass.