WeLove Campfires

Watkins Park Nature Center hosted their first campfire for the season and we were thrilled to attend with friends. Mommy was just as excited as Liv for our first campfire together. Daddy just got her a fun new lantern that she just had to bring along. The campfire gathering lasted 1.5 hours. Our time was filled with a play, a pictionary style learning activity about insects, lots of shared nature learning and of course we ended our time with songs and roasting of marshmallows. Have I already mentioned how much I love a good park! This event was such a wonderful way to utilize time away from the screen.


One thought on “WeLove Campfires

  1. Campfires are tons of fun! I used to be so afraid that my kids would fall into them… LOL! Now that they are older I trust them and got a fire pit for the front 🙂

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