WeLove The Beat of Her Drum

Rituals. Malcolm X Park. 2-9pm

Of all the pics and videos I captured nothing can fully convey the supreme goodness that happens during the Drum Circle in Malcolm X Park every warm Sunday from 2-9. God is present. Love is thriving. People are united. If not visible anywhere else in this world the pure goodness of human life is present at this time. Be sure not to deprive yourself of these moments.

Words For My Daughter


As Liv grows and reflects on the type of mother that I am to her my wish is that she will confidently express how I will always support her in whatever direction she chooses. The precious nature of a Mother Daughter relationship is never for me to dominate her… I am constantly learning from her and educating her with what I am knowledgable on. Daily I’m researching to answer her many questions because I never want to give her false info. Facts only over here! (so routinely I will tell her ” let me look that up so I can best answer you”) Her inquisitive nature and patience with me as I gather all the tools she requires to grow humbles me and encourages me daily. I love being a mommy and I am blessed to do life with my little human!

WeLove The Beach

The National Building Museum tucked between the National Mall and Gallery Place is a fun place for kids to get their energy out! Liv loves all the open space to run, the Building Zone full of dress up and toys to “construct” as well as a favorite being the humongous blue blocks that she could spend all day imagining and reimagining what to build.  







If there already wasn’t plenty of fun at The National Building Museum…. Get your flops and towels ready because July 4 – September 7 they are bringing the Beach inside!!! How exciting!