WeLove Meaningful Books!


Thrifting is life! Many days along side my grandmother and parents as a child I was constantly in a thrift store or at a yard sale looking for unique items. As I got older and initiated these excursions myself I’ve gone through phases of items that I was targeting. Now that my little person is here ,and especially because I homeschool I literally get a high from the amazing learning tools we have acquired as well as the beautiful books that we get to add to Liv’s library. I spend quite a bit of time digging through shelves inspecting books for perfection. Making sure they are odor free and free of any markings or rips…. Most importantly I seek out books with educational value, special interest, meaningful content as well as characters that visually represent our family. 

Each book pictured above was in pristine condition with excellent content and for the entire set I spent about $2 *pops collar and does a little dance* “In God’s Name” highlights the quest for everyone to connect to the most high, while many may call the creator a different name the book concludes with everyone acknowledging that they are all a reflection of God and each name can be applied and at that point of unity they truly had reached a place of communion not just with each other but with the most high as well.

I scored an awesome Spike Lee Joint guys! I’m pretty sure I squealed and clicked my heels right there in the aisle. “Giant Steps to Change the World” highlights the accomplishments of courages thinkers and doers of the past and present while challenging children to develop their own plan to impact the world!

The Kwanzaa book I purchased is full of history, activities and recipes. We are currently learning about animal and insect life cycles so the Caterpillar to Butterfly book was a timely addition and lastly “Just for Today”  is a fun story of parental bears that abandon their stressful adult chores to simply enjoy the day with their cubs… no yelling… No shoes just fun and love.

What are you reading to your little ones?

We Love… A Change of Color

Another Fall favorite!
The highlights of this book:
*Introducing my toddler to the definition of Chlorophyll
*The activities in the back of the book
1. Create leaf rubbings: Simply gather some leaves , place the leaf under your peice of paper,and rub a paperless crayon over the paper. Your little one will be amazed at the wonderful details that pop out from their artwork.
2. Preserve your favorite leaves: Gather your favorite leaves ( non crunchy), Place leaves between two sheets of wax paper, place a cloth over the wax closure, iron the leaves in the wax paper with the cloth cover. In a matter of a minutes you have preserved that Fall moment for the entire year. Use the entire sheet as wall decor or to place in a memory book or even think about cutting each leaf out so the kids can play with later.