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I drafted a blog a week ago that will never be released. In the time since then and since my last writing so much magic has occurred for my family. My desire to be heartfelt and transparent requires more intimate interactions so this will be my final posting.

This past Saturday marked 32 years around the SUN for me ✨✨✨ The following day I had a beautiful home birth of our smallest Princess Layali words can’t express the joy of that experience or adding her to our lives.

Living in the moment and reflecting simultaneously is the best description of the space of time I Liv in. I’m elated about the growth of my family and receiving the manifestations of experiences that I have prayed for.

I am more motivated now then I have ever been before to move boldly in the direction of my passions.

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Power of the Boobie

Breastfeeding is definitely the way to go! Recently it’s come to my attention that naturally nourishing your child is causing quite the ruckus around the world. Know your rights in the event you find your breastfeeding in public challenged!
Here in Maryland the law states “A mother may breastfeed her child in any public or private location in which the mother and child are authorized to be.
A person may not restrict or limit the right of a mother to breastfeed her child.”

Know The Law

Another interesting tip for us MD Breastfeeding mommas is that breastfeeding accessories are to be exempt from tax!
Now that I know I won’t let them get me for my coins!