WELove Branding

I 💛 this picture!
Liv is happy, free, mindful and creative (only to name a few attributes) and she makes me so proud to have a front row seat in supporting her to become exactly who she is in this world!
Her confidence to put in work and engage in things that make her happy inspires me so much ✨
If you know her you have definitely smiled from the light that she brings to this world.

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Love & Light, Party People

We Love …. Certifikid

In April while I was digging around for amazing little add ons to my daughters birthday celebration I luckily discovered Certifikid
This site is a go to family deal site and I love it!
A few of my favorite purchases include Hello Kitty cake pops and Baby Disco tickets,
Check the link and stay in the loop so you don’t miss any fun deals!