Baby Mecca

Babies R Us is pretty much my world right now and I love i! The pregnancy is over…and babygirl is here and I just can’t shake the giddyness that this store brings me as I caress each new outfit and safety gadget that they haul in week after week!

I believe that another level of my excitement generates from the mass amount of coupons that they send me…because they know I’m a momma junky and they have what it takes to keep me hooked…. A DEAL!

One GRIPE I have is that those dang 20% off coupons that they send me all the time exclude EVERYTHING! Even the most essential thing DIAPERS is excluded from the coupons they distribute! “How Rude”

“Tooting My Mommy Horn” Today however I was victorious in my shopping and with sale + rewards member coupon combined, I scored my little darling a FREE outfit!

Ahhhh Tis Sweet is the Land of FREE