WeLove Positive Role Models

Last month I introduced Liv to The Gabby Douglass Story , and she has since watched it a record breaking amount of times. Literally backtoback and totally engaged… To the point the story as well as the lines can easily be recalled. I’m happy I found such a awesome story on Netflix of a amazingly hardworking and strong young girl! Gabby’s work ethic in the gym as well as her mothers sacrifice for her children are heartwarming and motivating. (There are some pretty good songs in the movie as well!) Now when Liv goes to gymnastics she is even more enthusiastic about pushing herself to get closer to the achievements of her role model Gabriel Douglass.

Pumpkin Patch 2013

My little family really enjoys the holidays!
Sharing all the fun family traditions with your little makes everything even more special!
Most pumpkin patches are not open during the week to families which is pretty inconvenient … So discovering Queen Anne Farm so close to home and convientely open weekday hours was a blessing!


We love farms in general, the fresh food , novelty items, live stock and overall experience *sigh* these truly are the best moments.
Farm time is one of the rare times my family gets to disconnect from technology and just engulf ourselves in nature. We make an effort to appreciate these times as often as we can. Liv loaded into the little red wagon they had available and gazed at the chickens and other farm animals present, squealing and imitating their sounds. The bulk of our time was spent finding the best pumpkins of course. And yes pumpkinS because baby girl needed a big pumpkin and a tiny one as well. I swear she touched every pumpkin on the field 🙂
When she was satisfied with her selections. She also picked a sunflower to take home! We stopped in the little shop area for the neccessities yummy cider and pumpkin decorating kits!


So silly! And allll mine 🙂
Happy Fall!

Pumping It Up!

In a effort to allow baby girl to mix and mingle with other little people and for myself to fellowship with other mama’s we began exploring the world of baby gym’s.

Not sure what I was expecting besides my princess LOVING it!!!!!!

First stop was our nearby “Little Gym” I had heard personal accounts of the birthday parties held there and decided we should check out the fun besides the first session is FREE so no biggie……lets just cut to the chase……..she HATED it! My happy joyful bundle that never cries turned into a tear monster! She didn’t want to be touched or participate. She even cried when I went to change her in the restroom. I was so worried (was the nice couple that owned the place really giving off bad vibes that only my baby could sense…YES my mind was wandering there because I was so surprised by her reaction) . I accounted her fussiness to nap interruption because as soon as the class ended and we prepared to leave my sweet baby was back again.

I decided I would give it a few months and perhaps with maturity she may appreciate this playgroup better. Well “Little Gym” was offering a playtime and movie event that I thought would be pretty cool and you know what it was.  No crying, some what inquisitive but she wasn’t ready to dive right into all of the exercises just yet.

Still not convinced this was the place for my girl we decided to head over to the neighboring “My Gym” this gym seemed to have much more variety seeing as though they offered a music class which had major appeal with me. Again the first session is Free so we gave it a go. *Mama holds breathe* Babygirl LOVED it! Yippie I was stoked! “My Gym” offers a few different class selections, they have much more equipment and things to engage the children. The parents and teachers are pretty awesome as well. I definitely recommend this place. Liv has been a member since I saw that twinkle in her eye 🙂

What other playgroups are you guys apart of?