So Delicious!

I’m SLOWLY working on being a vegan again and if I could find a bacon substitute as wonderful as these ice cream bars then my transition would have probably already happened.IMG_3549.PNG

IMG_3550.PNGThe coconut milk fudge bars and almond milk mocha almond fudge bars are divine! These dairy free, soy free, vegan treats are not just a substitute they are “SO DELICIOUS”.
A few other snacks in heavy rotation with us are the Scrabble Junior Cheeze-It’s because when you can turn snack time into a learning opportunity I’m all about that.

IMG_3551-0.PNGFor rewards I rely on YumEarth Organic Pop’s the flavors are delicious

And lastly but not least Glee Gum is in heavy rotation in my purse!

It makes me happy that I can share natural ingredient gum with Liv. Glee Gum comes in a variety of flavors, it’s healthy, safe and doesn’t stick to your teeth.
What goodies are you stocking up on for the fall?