Halloween 2017

Last week after school Halloween began for our family! I picked up Princess Elena of Avalon and we head right over to NOMA to enjoy a Pumpkin Palooza!

We have been attending for the last few years and it’s amazing how this community event has grown tremendously in attendance numbers!

Next up… we enjoyed some weekday funnin at Catholic University! Both kids were official NASA astronauts ( it was so cold baby boy didn’t get to show off his shirt…. but he did trick or treat…. for me 😜 because I mean let’s be honest…. I can’t let my precious baby eat candy yet!) The kids had a blast! The students worked hard and were so kind to the attendees! They served pizza and snacks, had a trick or treat trail with fun costumes all around. Tons of games and activities, face paint and two moon bounces on a large field that was highly decorated for all to enjoy! We will definitely be back next year!

Three days into Halloween and it’s time to hit the Halloween streets! Crowded per usual! Fun costumes and a bucket full of goodies.

Are anyone else’s kids obsessed with The Descendants Movie? Liv/Uma was pumped to get all suited up and debut her outfit!

The weekend was also filled with parties cue: Beyoncé “We Like to Party” ….. and

Halloween has not even officially arrived!

Daddy playing wingman to our little “ladies man”.

We have a few more events to attend to finish off our Halloween season ( I miiiight update this post to include them)

Happy Candy Day 🎃

Ballet, Tap & Tumbling

Princess Liv may be thee most beautiful ballerina if I do say so myself 🙂
What a blessing to have found a creative space where my daughter can explore her contribution to art through motion. Liv has begun her dance career at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop , and we love it. Everyone is kind and welcoming and her teacher who is also a mother and former professional cheerleader is experienced and engaging with her little students. After the open house held a month prior to class and a Frozen song was played for the final dance…that was the last sign we need to signal this was the place for Liv.
Both Liv and I had some first day of school jitters but by fate I was able to sign up as class mom for the first class and that really helped me a great deal. See once Liv arrived and I put on her tap shoes she was ready. But with this being her first non mommy and me class, I was internally freaking out! But, after seeing just how much fun she was having I was excited to have her experience that hour of independence each week ( while mommy waits downstairs lol). Turning 3 comes with so much independence! Wow! Just a year ago we were still breast feeding! I’m so proud of my girl! She is so kind and creative! Go Liv!