We Love… A Themed Kiddie Cruise


A few weeks ago we went on the Boomerang Pirate Ship leaving out of Georgetown. We were able to score discounted tickets on a deal site and we were really excited about this kid friendly adventure at sea. I was concerned that the event would be canceled as a result of the intense rain that day ,but apparently pirates do not let weather conditions stop them from setting sail!
We were greeted by a costumed crew and once aboard the upbeat music got the kids comfortable! Liv was in a funk this day but she couldn’t even resist the power of the music! The kids were able to get tattoos and their face painted for no additional cost. There was limbo and also a story line of a stolen treasure chest key that kept the little ones engaged and shooting off water cannons to passing scalywags! What would a pirate cruise be without…..TREASURE! So of course the cruise concluded with each child being able to select a few items from the treasure chest as a parting gift.
If your kid is into pirates, or just loves creative play definitely check this cruise out Matey! *Be sure to plan for a good weather day if possible*