We Love to Discover

The Discovery Theatre on The National Mall is always a good time! The theatrical learning, storytelling, musical performance and introduction to new languages that happens here is simply wonderful. I make it a point to get Liv tickets for every age appropriate show they have.
This past week her aunt accompanied her to see “The Little Bred Hen” with Barefoot Puppets.



After the show there was an amazing Gingerbread House display by Jenni Vorhees as well as yummy cookie decorating.




Discovery Theatre

Uno…Dos …Tres…Con Andres!


The Smithsonian has a wonderful theatre space for little tots to enjoy learning and music.
Uno…Dos…Tres…con Andres! was a bilingual music experience that was both engaging and educational! As often as we visit The National Mall I had totally overlooked this space ,and I’m so glad that it is now on my radar. The events at the Discovery Theatre are ticketed and the cost was around $11 for both Liv and I very reasonable.
Since this particular event was held on a Friday we were able to enjoy the farmers market down on the mall as well. The veggie wraps and Hibiscus tea were so delicious we had to hit the market going and coming and the shaded tree stump seating nearby the garden area was a peaceful way to enjoy.

We have already purchased our tickets to the October Halloween show at Discovery Theatre!
We will be in costume! Hope to meet some of you guys there 🙂