Halloween 2017

Last week after school Halloween began for our family! I picked up Princess Elena of Avalon and we head right over to NOMA to enjoy a Pumpkin Palooza!

We have been attending for the last few years and it’s amazing how this community event has grown tremendously in attendance numbers!

Next up… we enjoyed some weekday funnin at Catholic University! Both kids were official NASA astronauts ( it was so cold baby boy didn’t get to show off his shirt…. but he did trick or treat…. for me 😜 because I mean let’s be honest…. I can’t let my precious baby eat candy yet!) The kids had a blast! The students worked hard and were so kind to the attendees! They served pizza and snacks, had a trick or treat trail with fun costumes all around. Tons of games and activities, face paint and two moon bounces on a large field that was highly decorated for all to enjoy! We will definitely be back next year!

Three days into Halloween and it’s time to hit the Halloween streets! Crowded per usual! Fun costumes and a bucket full of goodies.

Are anyone else’s kids obsessed with The Descendants Movie? Liv/Uma was pumped to get all suited up and debut her outfit!

The weekend was also filled with parties cue: Beyoncé “We Like to Party” ….. and

Halloween has not even officially arrived!

Daddy playing wingman to our little “ladies man”.

We have a few more events to attend to finish off our Halloween season ( I miiiight update this post to include them)

Happy Candy Day 🎃

WeLove Tea Tree Oil *Giveaway*

Momma is totally in love with oils and making my own natural home care products! So when I had the opportunity to review Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil I was thrilled about the possibilities! Being a Tea Tree Oil newbie I really appreciated the guide book of recipes provided to me with this product. First of all the smell is intoxicating in such a good way. The scent is very clean and refreshing ,definitely a wonderful ,safe and natural alternative to regular mainstream cleaning products (which I look forward to creating with this oil).


My first project was homemade carpet fresh!

Using a empty plastic container that once held some spices ,I filled it with baking soda and I let the tea tree oil drip in for about 40 seconds. After a few shakes with the top on (to be sure the ingredients were properly mingled)  I liberally shook the DIY carpet fresh all over and after the vacuuming the fresh scent premiated my home.

Laundry scent boost! Add a few spoonfuls to your load and reap the benefits of this natural scent boots and bacteria eliminator

Air deodorizer! Soak a few cotton balls and sit them in a area you wish to keep pleasantly scented

I’m very pleased with this oil ,and I plan to continue to explore more ways to incorporate it into my natural living.

*The first person to email me at welovelivblog@gmail.com will have the opportunity to win their very own bottle of this amazing oil!

Get Crafty!

The temperature is dropping ,and the holidays are upon us! Looking for ways to occupy your little one indoors? Or ways to provide your child some independent playtime? Each week I will post simple fun crafts for the week that are sure to keep little hands busy!

*Gluten Free Play Dough
Here is an easy, no-cook recipe for play dough that is safe for kids with wheat allergies (or gluten issues).
You’ll need…
– 1 cup baby rice cereal
– 1 cup cornstarch
– 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
– 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
– food coloring (any color)
To Make…
Combine rice cereal and cornstarch in large bowl. Mix well.
Add remaining ingredients. Mix well.
Knead until smooth. If play dough is sticky, add more rice cereal. The dough will keep for several days in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

You’ll need…
-ice cube tray
-craft paint
-popsicle sticks
To Make…
Put a drop of paint in the bottom of each section of the ice cube tray.
Pour water over the paint until it fills each section of the tray.
Stir each section with a popsicle stick to mix the paint in with the water.
Place the ice cube tray in the freezer.
Let the water harden in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
Pull the tray out of the freezer and put one popsicle stick in each section to make a handle.
Put the tray back in the freezer to harden completely.
Remove the frozen paint from the ice cube trays.
Hold the paint by the popsicle stick handle and paint on a piece of paper as the ice cube melts.

*Bottle Cap Pumpkin

You”ll Need…
-orange, brown, green paint
-water bottle
-paint brush
-black paper
To Make…
Allow your child to dip the cap of their water bottle into orange paint, making three circles in a row
Use your paintbrush to make your leaf & stem

*Paper Rocket

You”ll Need…
– 2 pieces of craft paper
-white glue
-tissue paper
-hole punch
To Make…
Roll one sheet of paper into a tube. Secure tube with tape.
Punch two holes opposite each other through the top edge of the rocket tube.
Tie string through each hole forming a loop.
Make the topper for the rocket by cutting out a circle from your second sheet of paper.
The topper should be cone shaped with the bottom opening larger than the tube opening so that it can properly sit on top.
Cut a slit at the top of your cone enough to allow the yarn to pass through
Glue the edges of the tube to the rocket topper now that the string has passed through.
The tissue paper can now be cut into strips and glued to the bottom inside of your rocket!
Blast off!

*Thanksgiving Tree
You”ll Need….
-white paper
-brown paint
-green, yellow, orange paper
To Make….
Allow your child to cover their hands in brown paint
Stamp that hand on your white paper ( this will serve as your tree)
While the paint dries, talk with your child about makes them happy and what they are thankful for
Cut leave shapes out of your colored paper
Write your items of thanksgiving on each leaf
Glue each leaf onto your tree

Happy Crafting!

Homemade Aromatherapy Room Spray

Almost three years later and I’m still in love with the scent of the Dreft Fabric Spray ,and when I finished my last bottle I decided to make some room spray of my own.
Using my empty Dreft spray bottle ( or any spray bottle you have handy)
About 30 drops of lavender oil
Vodka ( ensures a long lasting scent)
You will have a great long lasting fabric spray.
Besides my oil drops both the vodka and water measurements were all by sight. You can also use your nose as a guide… Don’t overdo the vodka wouldn’t want that to overpower your yummy lavendar.
Lavender oil is great at soothing restlessness, depression and anxiety.
Hope you guys enjoy this spray inspiration


We Love DIY Toys and Crafts!

For all of the parents that have an avid SPROUT fan in your home …. Let’s just say this momma gets the GOOOOOD Egg Award! Lol lately we have really been getting crafty at home and Liv is loving every creative moment of it! Below is a little inspiration of cool activities to keep your little one happy.

Ring Toss




Pepperoni Pizza Balls with Marinara (excuse the messy marinara, eager eaters in my home lol)


We Love…. To Cook

Literally you can’t tell me and my daughter that we aren’t certified Chef’s.
Starting with the matching aprons to the finished product of yummy goodness… In our mind we are world renowned. I’m on a quest to replace some of our old habit dishes with much healthier alternatives.
Since my third trimester of pregnancy I have fallen so far off the vegan wagon that I rarely recognize myself at the dinner table. Healthy living is important to me and setting the proper dietary example for Liv is crucial in ensuring she has the right nutritional routine.
So for today’s tasty victory….. *drum roll please* One ingredient “ice cream” made ONLY with bananas!

The simple instructions are as follows:

*Grab some ripe bananas (ours were spotted…. Which is a great way to get full use of your fruit since at my home if they aren’t yellow the usually get neglected)
*Slice the bananas
*Place them on a lined baking sheet
*Pop them in the freezer uncovered
*Once frozen use whatever blending device you have ( I used my Nutribullet)
*At this point you have your finished product ( you may have to stir it up to give a good blend)
The ” ice cream” is a soft serve texture at this point. If you desire a harder more scoopable version just pop the blended soft serve “ice cream” in the freezer again.

This recipe is simple, kidfriendly, healthy and oh so yummy!
For my scoop I added chocolate chips and walnuts! I can’t explain how excited we are to have this delicious and inexpensive dairy alternative treat.

* Below pictured is my One Ingredient “Ice Cream” with added chocolate chips and walnuts


We Love…. Crayons

So much so that Liv finds it very necessary to break each and every one of her crayons into tiny pieces so she can have “more”.
Crayon bits are everywhere ,and good thing I wasn’t quick to toss them out. While browsing through Pinterest I ran across a ton of cool ways to upcycle crayons into beautiful molds!

How exciting!
Liv and I gathered up all her crayon bits
Peeled off the labels
Pulled out our tiny rubber heart mold from ikea
Sprinkled glitter into each mold
( because girls love glitter!)
Then placed as many broken crayon pieces as we could into each mold
Meanwhile, the oven had heated up to 300 degrees
I placed the soon to be heart crayons in the oven for 15 minutes
Let them cool until they have hardened …..then TA DA