We Love… A Change of Color

Another Fall favorite!
The highlights of this book:
*Introducing my toddler to the definition of Chlorophyll
*The activities in the back of the book
1. Create leaf rubbings: Simply gather some leaves , place the leaf under your peice of paper,and rub a paperless crayon over the paper. Your little one will be amazed at the wonderful details that pop out from their artwork.
2. Preserve your favorite leaves: Gather your favorite leaves ( non crunchy), Place leaves between two sheets of wax paper, place a cloth over the wax closure, iron the leaves in the wax paper with the cloth cover. In a matter of a minutes you have preserved that Fall moment for the entire year. Use the entire sheet as wall decor or to place in a memory book or even think about cutting each leaf out so the kids can play with later.

We Love … Scarecrows!

“The Scarecrows Wedding” is literally one of our fave fall books!
We love reading! Our trips to the library are weekly ,and our tote bag runneth over! We are really enjoying audiobooks right now! They are great when momma is low on energy from reading and rereading books…. You can still enjoy a great story with your little one, full of animation while being non verbal for the most part ( because we all know your toddler is gonna have a million and one questions, which a mother just LOVES 🙂