So PROUD of my “First” Baby!

A million apologies for my absence, with the excitement of a new graduate in my family I have not had a minute to blog.

If the title of this post does not already emphasize it enough ….I am just BEAMING with pride. My little sister not only graduated from high school, but she has worked her ass off! Beautiful, Intelligent, Charismatic, Caring & Hardworking are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing my sister. It makes me so proud to see how wonderfully this young lady has grown, it’s truly an honor to be her sister. She is an amazing aunt & through all of her graduation, scholarship and college preparatory activities she has constantly brought tears to my eyes as words fail to describe my feelings of joy. Now I can say I’m settling into the idea of my baby sister being a high school graduate. Prior to the graduation ceremony it hit me when attending her first scholarship breakfast. While in attendance my baby earned multiple scholarships totaling to $7,000! She could not stay seated as she was one of the most honored recipients. One particular scholarship that she was awarded as a result of her Crohn’s Disease was the final straw in me holding back my tears. I could barely see the remainder of the program. Good thing Liv was sleep because my tears would have put her into a frenzy lol! Since the breakfast she continues to grow her scholarship fund. Earning awards from organizations such as Jack & Jill of America as well as the Masonic organization to just name a few.

An added emotional point to the festivities was the fact that the loss of my grandmother this year would mean one less ticket to get for graduation, one less hug & kiss, one less a lot of things because my grandma would not be in attendance and that’s just terrible. My grandma’s favorite saying was to tell us to always remain “Truthful Strong”. While she may have not attended in the physical I believe her spirit will continue to be a strong force surrounding us and that she is also ecstatic about my sisters success.

Aaaahhhh I could go on forever about this lovely girl. This fall my sissy will be attending Liberty University! The expectations on her are high and I have no doubt in my mind that she will rise to and surpass them.