WeLove Play

Let me start by beaming about how the thrill of living in DC proper is a long awaited joy! Establishing goals that serve your family and cutting down on our commuting time is a wonderful feeling! This past Saturday we spent the majority of our early day on the playground! Kaboom & Playworks DC Hosted a wonderful day of play for the entire family! We have experienced so much rain lately that we were eager to get out and play with Mr. Golden Sun!

We value outdoor freedom, physical activity and children’s imagination. The fact that the new trend is to decrease/ eliminate recess for children is literally deplorable. #Rally4Recess had petitions on hand as well as a day of fun and healthy food for everyone. Sidewalk chalk, classic group games, and balls of all types was a nostalgic Saturday for me as a parent. 

Of course while at play everyone works up quite the appetite and Honest juice and DC Central Kitchen was on hand to feul us with wraps and fresh fruit. The bounty of apples and pears also kept us going. 

Sometimes we go for a over scheduled weekend with more running around then is necessary and this weekend we kept it classic with a day of outdoor recess. We had a blast!

We Love Spaghetti Squash


Spaghetti Squash is quickly replacing pasta in my home! Besides the occasional brown rice noodle, spaghetti squash is a much healthier alternative to incorporate into our favorite meals. Lately we had a yummy stir fry and beef spaghetti dish all using squash. To prepare my Spaghetti Squash I slice it in half, drizzle it with oil and seasonings, open side down on the baking sheet then bake it for 40 minutes prior to forking out my you my noodle substitute! Yum! Hope my new addiction inspires new eats in your home.