So Delicious!

I’m SLOWLY working on being a vegan again and if I could find a bacon substitute as wonderful as these ice cream bars then my transition would have probably already happened.IMG_3549.PNG

IMG_3550.PNGThe coconut milk fudge bars and almond milk mocha almond fudge bars are divine! These dairy free, soy free, vegan treats are not just a substitute they are “SO DELICIOUS”.
A few other snacks in heavy rotation with us are the Scrabble Junior Cheeze-It’s because when you can turn snack time into a learning opportunity I’m all about that.

IMG_3551-0.PNGFor rewards I rely on YumEarth Organic Pop’s the flavors are delicious

And lastly but not least Glee Gum is in heavy rotation in my purse!

It makes me happy that I can share natural ingredient gum with Liv. Glee Gum comes in a variety of flavors, it’s healthy, safe and doesn’t stick to your teeth.
What goodies are you stocking up on for the fall?

We Love…. To Cook

Literally you can’t tell me and my daughter that we aren’t certified Chef’s.
Starting with the matching aprons to the finished product of yummy goodness… In our mind we are world renowned. I’m on a quest to replace some of our old habit dishes with much healthier alternatives.
Since my third trimester of pregnancy I have fallen so far off the vegan wagon that I rarely recognize myself at the dinner table. Healthy living is important to me and setting the proper dietary example for Liv is crucial in ensuring she has the right nutritional routine.
So for today’s tasty victory….. *drum roll please* One ingredient “ice cream” made ONLY with bananas!

The simple instructions are as follows:

*Grab some ripe bananas (ours were spotted…. Which is a great way to get full use of your fruit since at my home if they aren’t yellow the usually get neglected)
*Slice the bananas
*Place them on a lined baking sheet
*Pop them in the freezer uncovered
*Once frozen use whatever blending device you have ( I used my Nutribullet)
*At this point you have your finished product ( you may have to stir it up to give a good blend)
The ” ice cream” is a soft serve texture at this point. If you desire a harder more scoopable version just pop the blended soft serve “ice cream” in the freezer again.

This recipe is simple, kidfriendly, healthy and oh so yummy!
For my scoop I added chocolate chips and walnuts! I can’t explain how excited we are to have this delicious and inexpensive dairy alternative treat.

* Below pictured is my One Ingredient “Ice Cream” with added chocolate chips and walnuts