WeLove Baking

Cooking with your children is so wonderful! Allowing children to get hands on experience with their food is so valuable. With all the colors, quantities as well as textures and terminologies your child can take great lessons away with each recipie! Never underestimate the value of real life experience at any age. Bake it Fun provided me a baking sheet in exchange for my honest review and I was thrilled to try out the product.

 I am so accustomed to traditional metal pans that pile high in my kitchen the intrigue for this baking mat that rolled up easily was high. Our cooking process was much of the same. Normally I just kinda toss the metal pans in the half way open oven , but with the nature of this mat I did have to actually open the oven and place the mat on the shelf. However, the cleaning was sooooo easy! No Brillo and elbow grease needed! And being able to bend and store the mat makes it all so dreamy! As a busy mom I need all my tools to be as simple and stress free as possible. I will continue to reach for my “Bake it Fun” baking mat first before any of my old metal ones in the future.

So Delicious!

I’m SLOWLY working on being a vegan again and if I could find a bacon substitute as wonderful as these ice cream bars then my transition would have probably already happened.IMG_3549.PNG

IMG_3550.PNGThe coconut milk fudge bars and almond milk mocha almond fudge bars are divine! These dairy free, soy free, vegan treats are not just a substitute they are “SO DELICIOUS”.
A few other snacks in heavy rotation with us are the Scrabble Junior Cheeze-It’s because when you can turn snack time into a learning opportunity I’m all about that.

IMG_3551-0.PNGFor rewards I rely on YumEarth Organic Pop’s the flavors are delicious

And lastly but not least Glee Gum is in heavy rotation in my purse!

It makes me happy that I can share natural ingredient gum with Liv. Glee Gum comes in a variety of flavors, it’s healthy, safe and doesn’t stick to your teeth.
What goodies are you stocking up on for the fall?

Vegan Chocolate Milkshakes

Who’s getting excited for Vday!? We are!!
While getting crafty us ladies needed a fancy little treat so Liv and I whipped up some yummy vegan Chocolate Milkshakes!

So Delicious Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice cream
Almond Milk
A Touch of Honey around the edge of our glass to make the sprinkles stick


Christmas Party!

Liv hosted her 1st Annual Christmas party and it was fun times had by all! So much so that mommy didn’t have a second to take many pictures ….
Liv’s guest were greeted with holiday tunes ( let me just say that while Christmas shopping we purchased a Bluetooth device that allowed me to play Pandora from my iPad through our Ihome system… Am I late on this!?! We Love It!)
The little people munched on snacks galore one of my favorites being the “Rice Krispy Tree”

I also created a photobooth backdrop from a thrifted thick table cloth with snowman designs on it. Creative, yet the kids couldn’t stay still long enough to get many still shots.
In addition to ornament making the kids had a blast on their candy cane hunt which was really made successful by the 70 degree weather we had this weekend.
For the first time I dyed noodles so the spaghetti dish was holiday themed with green noodles and red sauce. This holiday has really gotten me into utilizing food color in my edibles to add to the decor of an event. It excites me to add that extra festive touch and I’m sure I will be doing that for each holiday now 🙂

Weekend Fun: Nov. 2-3

We Love Union Market! This Saturday they are hosting Kids Food Fest which will be a fun time focusing on healthy family meals, and we are so there!
Where: Union Market 1309 5TH STREET NE, WASHINGTON, DC, 20002
Metro stop: Red Line, Noma-Galludet
When: Nov. 2 & 3 10:00 am- 5:00 pm
Cost: Free event


National Children’s Museum at National Harbor is always a good place for the kids to get some energy out! Sunday they will partner with Kids Euro Fest for a dance program 11am-12
We are members here , and I’m debating getting another membership for 2014… The Baltimore Port Discovery location has so much more to engage with. However, the outdoor experience will be open soon and we are excited about that. Also, the discounts with partner museums make the membership worthwhile.

We usually spend quite a bit of time down at the harbor when we go. Across the street is Oxon Hill Farm which is great to visit and enjoy the animals. They also have a picnic area if you want to enjoy a little packed lunch.

Happy Weekend! What do you guys have planned?