Birthday Clubs

Celebrating your child’s birthday is the best thing in the world. A time to reflect, stress out about party details the child could careless about and give thanks for another opportunity to share life with a sweet intelligent little human.

I really enjoy the Birthday Clubs that provide fun items to add on to the birthday festivities.

Below is a short list of Birthday Clubs I have Liv enrolled in.

Babies R Us

Barnes & Noble


Old Navy

Noodles & Co

Any recommendations on deals I need to sign baby up for?

Art & Ice Cream

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hanging with Liv’s new friend Sebastion.


Lucky for us our play date was scheduled for National Ice Cream Day!
The kids were thrilled when they heard we planned to get some cold treats in this heat. Union Market hosted DC Scoop which was a wonderful event with tastes of the best ice cream, gelatto, and other frozen treats. My fave frozen treat hands down was the Liv was entertained by the Boogie Babies musical guest while we stood in crazy long lines for our desserts. One of my favorite beverage brands Honesty set up a really cute pop up shop. A free photo booth was also part of the event that the kiddies enjoyed. Dolcezza Gelatto was hands down my favorite! They served up a blackberry flavor that was SO good! They have a few locations around the city so that is very convenient for my taste buds.

After we finished at the DC Scoop we headed over to ArtJamz so Liv and her buddy could unleash their inner creative!