WeLove Tea Tree Oil *Giveaway*

Momma is totally in love with oils and making my own natural home care products! So when I had the opportunity to review Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil I was thrilled about the possibilities! Being a Tea Tree Oil newbie I really appreciated the guide book of recipes provided to me with this product. First of all the smell is intoxicating in such a good way. The scent is very clean and refreshing ,definitely a wonderful ,safe and natural alternative to regular mainstream cleaning products (which I look forward to creating with this oil).


My first project was homemade carpet fresh!

Using a empty plastic container that once held some spices ,I filled it with baking soda and I let the tea tree oil drip in for about 40 seconds. After a few shakes with the top on (to be sure the ingredients were properly mingled)  I liberally shook the DIY carpet fresh all over and after the vacuuming the fresh scent premiated my home.

Laundry scent boost! Add a few spoonfuls to your load and reap the benefits of this natural scent boots and bacteria eliminator

Air deodorizer! Soak a few cotton balls and sit them in a area you wish to keep pleasantly scented

I’m very pleased with this oil ,and I plan to continue to explore more ways to incorporate it into my natural living.

*The first person to email me at welovelivblog@gmail.com will have the opportunity to win their very own bottle of this amazing oil!