WeLove The National Book Festival 2015

I love an annual event that you can experience differently every year! While always enjoyable, I feel really charged up about my experience at yesterday’s National Book Festival! The event yesterday was massive per standard. Arriving via metro is always encouraged ,and for my family interest heading directly to the children’s floor is always our first and usually only area of interest for the day. Highlight of the children’s floor are the Scholastic area which this year consisted of storytime, fun family photo booth, character encounters, coloring, balloon figures, free books which ran out way too early for the smaller kids as well as an active vision board that allowed kids to express how reading empowers them.


Because we enjoy good eats I must highlight the Caribbean food vendor that every year provides affordable, flavorful and filling eats! Yummy my vegan bowl was too good! Back to the books… AARP provided free books signed by the author, totes with giveaways, photo booth, 3D virtual reality glasses to demo as well as a cool ass 3D printer that I obviously now NEED in my life. 

 The little chess and knome pieces pictured took 20 min each to print… Imagine printing mini versions of your loved ones! How futuristic!

Wells Fargo had a massive space to engage families. 

      Panning for gold, lassoing horses,  super comfy storytime set up. After each storytime the children were gifted with the book or horse stuffed animal that was read about.

HIGHLIGHT alert!!! Yesterday we met Sonia Manzano! AKA Maria from Sesame Street!  


Words can’t even describe! My Mother, Myself and My Daughter have long been apart of the Sesame viewership legacy. To meet a beautiful , humble soul that feels like they had a major role in raising you is exciting and humbling!  

  Becoming Maria is the new memoir she put out! Check her story out!

National Geographic also had a area focused on planets and space discovery. We are definitely excited to add space camp to her activities once Liv becomes of age for the program.


Just when we thought our day was concluding we headed to the evening poetry slam! My God! The Young Kings that spoke so genuinely and courageously inspired me! I feel honored to have heard their strong words and for my daughter to have been exposed to such strength! Kids are so important! They are to be valued and heard always!

WeLove Sesame Place

Everyone has watched their share of Sesame Street episodes and I’m sure had a collection of Elmo treasures ….. ,but could you tell me how to get…. to Sesame Street!? ( I couldn’t resist)

Well we found our way and it was absolutely glorious!   

         Breakfast with the characters was a wonderful intimate experience where the kids had a stress free opportunity to take photos and make special moments with their favorite characters. 

You can bring food in the park!

Weekdays are ideal. Plan to stayover so you can maximize your day and no one gets grumpy.

Purchase Sesame Street goods before your trip to give your little gifts leading up to the trip to get them excited as well as during your visit to eliminate the pressure of expensive gift shop items. 

The Sesame Place Online shop has terrible customer service so be sure to make your purchases in the park

The elders that work in the park are so sweet and funny!
Have Big Fun Sesame Lovers!

We Love Sesame Street


Fall is here and I’m very excited about the shows my family and I have attended thus far!
A few weeks ago when we were still enjoying the last warm days we took Liv to enjoy Sesame Street Live : Make A New Friend! Just splendid! I initially wasn’t going to get the tickets since the show was in Baltimore ,but I am so glad we went.
Sesame Street is one of a handful of cartoons that I can actually allow her to watch without fear that something inappropriate will be discussed. Sesame Street is classic yet progressive, diverse,colorful, musical and educational. We approve and the live performance was definitely magical! Mommy & Daddy were admittedly dancing as much as Liv! When Elmo and Friends began a dance sequence to “Moves Like Jagger” that further cemented my thinking that Sesame Street is thee best cartoon ever!


Sesame Street can do no wrong in our book! I especially appreciate venues that think of us hard working parents and provide a bar area for enjoyment. Liv snagged a few goodies from the vendors that remind us of our awesome time at the show!
What cartoons are favorites in your home?