WeLove Plants

Prior to Liv I was living vegan until my second trimester of pregnancy. The past few months the removal of all dead things from our diet has been happening and baby girl is enjoying our new meat substitutes! Liv has been requesting tacos and after hunting down a meat free, soy free, gluten free option I believe we have a winner!  


I was so excited when I found this brand in Wegmans that I couldn’t stop rereading the package! Liv approves! Faux meat always has a lighter texture then actual animal flesh but this brand was absolutely heavier then Morningstar which I have used in the past and at the time absolutely included soy in their ingredients. So if you are looking for a healthier way to make your tacos I definitely recommend this swap out! Enjoy and let me know how this product goes over with your littles.

So Delicious!

I’m SLOWLY working on being a vegan again and if I could find a bacon substitute as wonderful as these ice cream bars then my transition would have probably already happened.IMG_3549.PNG

IMG_3550.PNGThe coconut milk fudge bars and almond milk mocha almond fudge bars are divine! These dairy free, soy free, vegan treats are not just a substitute they are “SO DELICIOUS”.
A few other snacks in heavy rotation with us are the Scrabble Junior Cheeze-It’s because when you can turn snack time into a learning opportunity I’m all about that.

IMG_3551-0.PNGFor rewards I rely on YumEarth Organic Pop’s the flavors are delicious

And lastly but not least Glee Gum is in heavy rotation in my purse!

It makes me happy that I can share natural ingredient gum with Liv. Glee Gum comes in a variety of flavors, it’s healthy, safe and doesn’t stick to your teeth.
What goodies are you stocking up on for the fall?

We Love … Suja

Love green juice! I create all types of fruit and veggie drinks at home… but, at this point I’m madly deeply in love with cold press juices! A cold press juicer is definitely next on the list for new home goods!
Suja: Green Supreme yuuuuummmy!
2 Apples
Tons of Kale
No GMO’s
Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free
Eat to Live!