Johnson & Johnson is No Good

Greetings Momma’s!

I will be contributing to¬†Sienna Naturals¬†routinely ,and below is my first piece I did for the site. I’m really excited about this new place for mothers to share ideas about healthy living. This product line is also striving to simplify things by minimizing the amount of products needed for little ones and their mom’s. Wouldn’t we all love to share products with our baby? They would be natural products and super cost effective!

What is the most popular products available to newborns?
As a new mom my first answer would have to be Shampoo and Bodywash. Come to think of it during my actual labor the physician rubbed Johnson & Johnson Head-to -Toe Baby Wash on my daughters head. Had I known what I do now I may have smacked his hand and protested at the very least!
In an alarming discovery it was revealed to me that one of the most trusted brands is far from trustworthy. When guests at my baby shower were hauling in gift set after gift of Johnson & Johnson goodies I was at the time unaware of the dangerous chemicals contained in those bottles.

UNC Chapel Hill reports that babies who had been using Johnson & Johnson Head-to-Toe Baby Wash tested positive for marijuana.
Additionally, The Campaign for safe Cosmetics has aggressively campaigned to have Johnson & Johnson remove chemicals such as dioxane and quarternium-15 that are both potentially cancer causing. While children are at their most vulnerable stages of growth why would a company as large and as popular as this be so reckless with their ingredients? Johnson & Johnson has yet to make a world wide pledge to remove these harmful ingredients however they have stated they will begin to phase them out here in the U.S. Johnson & Johnson also offers a natural line of products with a different price point of course from their original line, but I was so shocked to find out this information that I didn’t want to support this company at all.

After doing some research I came across California Baby which works very well for my daughter. The Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash is great and since it’s concentrated I only use a pump or two for my little one and it has lasted us a while. This product was created by a mother ,and it is also made in America! Our precious children are worth everything so if you can’t read the label it’s probably best to do your research.