Discovery Theatre

Uno…Dos …Tres…Con Andres!


The Smithsonian has a wonderful theatre space for little tots to enjoy learning and music.
Uno…Dos…Tres…con Andres! was a bilingual music experience that was both engaging and educational! As often as we visit The National Mall I had totally overlooked this space ,and I’m so glad that it is now on my radar. The events at the Discovery Theatre are ticketed and the cost was around $11 for both Liv and I very reasonable.
Since this particular event was held on a Friday we were able to enjoy the farmers market down on the mall as well. The veggie wraps and Hibiscus tea were so delicious we had to hit the market going and coming and the shaded tree stump seating nearby the garden area was a peaceful way to enjoy.

We have already purchased our tickets to the October Halloween show at Discovery Theatre!
We will be in costume! Hope to meet some of you guys there 🙂

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2


This past weekend my Princess & I attend the DC Screening of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2! The movie was very cute however, one of thee most exciting parts of the film is that the major corporation mention repeatedly was named…. *wait for it….* Liv Corp 🙂
So on that point alone I must say this one is Liv and Mommy approved! Go check it out when it hits theaters this weekend!

We Love… Citrus Lane

Who doesn’t love the joy of some good mail. Liv and I literally squeal and anticipate our little gifts in the mail. Recently liv received her first Citrus Lane package! 

Citrus Lane is an exciting way for parents to try out amazing new products. Based on your profile data entered you will be sent items appropriate for your child’s sex and age group! I am always interested in fun, yummy or natural goods so between conversation and research those are my typical ways of discovering new things. With this unique service they bring the best things right to your mailbox. Each month is a new surprise and we can’t wait for our next package.

We Love… Pumpkin Dip

I usually like to decorate my pumpkins, not eat them…. However! This past weekend baby and I sampled the most wonderful pumpkin dip paired with some crunchy apples! So deliciously light and tasty. Since Liv’s taste buds are in agreement I will be sure to put this recipe in rotation this fall. The recipe details can be found here 

Happy Fall!

We Love…. To Cook

Literally you can’t tell me and my daughter that we aren’t certified Chef’s.
Starting with the matching aprons to the finished product of yummy goodness… In our mind we are world renowned. I’m on a quest to replace some of our old habit dishes with much healthier alternatives.
Since my third trimester of pregnancy I have fallen so far off the vegan wagon that I rarely recognize myself at the dinner table. Healthy living is important to me and setting the proper dietary example for Liv is crucial in ensuring she has the right nutritional routine.
So for today’s tasty victory….. *drum roll please* One ingredient “ice cream” made ONLY with bananas!

The simple instructions are as follows:

*Grab some ripe bananas (ours were spotted…. Which is a great way to get full use of your fruit since at my home if they aren’t yellow the usually get neglected)
*Slice the bananas
*Place them on a lined baking sheet
*Pop them in the freezer uncovered
*Once frozen use whatever blending device you have ( I used my Nutribullet)
*At this point you have your finished product ( you may have to stir it up to give a good blend)
The ” ice cream” is a soft serve texture at this point. If you desire a harder more scoopable version just pop the blended soft serve “ice cream” in the freezer again.

This recipe is simple, kidfriendly, healthy and oh so yummy!
For my scoop I added chocolate chips and walnuts! I can’t explain how excited we are to have this delicious and inexpensive dairy alternative treat.

* Below pictured is my One Ingredient “Ice Cream” with added chocolate chips and walnuts


Birthday Clubs

Celebrating your child’s birthday is the best thing in the world. A time to reflect, stress out about party details the child could careless about and give thanks for another opportunity to share life with a sweet intelligent little human.

I really enjoy the Birthday Clubs that provide fun items to add on to the birthday festivities.

Below is a short list of Birthday Clubs I have Liv enrolled in.

Babies R Us

Barnes & Noble


Old Navy

Noodles & Co

Any recommendations on deals I need to sign baby up for?

We Love …. Food

I love DC! I love the city culture. Street fairs, vendors ,and food trucks really excite me!
I also love coupons and that feeling of utter bliss when you were going to pay for something and then your coupon code makes it totally FREE! Yes Lord! Victory 🙂


Battle Dish DC is a yummy chef competition that will take place Saturday, Oct. 5th from 2-6pm on the Ust Corridor.
Get excited for plates of yummy goodness.

More details at

Code for FREE admittance is ” iloveig”

Please Touch Museum

I (parents lets be honest) had my heart set on The Please Touch Museum for some time and I’m so pleased that Liv and I got to visit this summer! Literally this is thee most interactive and exciting children’s I am aware of thus far. This museum is just a short road trip away from DC located in Philadelphia. Perfect little day trip with your toddler. A few of the elements include
Water play with wonderful smocks available to protect from the inevitable splashes, Alice in wonderland play zone, musical parade, grocery store, mail truck, doctors office (all of which have tons of little toy sized pieces to enhance the experience) the doctors office has exam tables.



Words can’t do this place justice! It’s magical! Set in a very a humongous building that would otherwise house something much more serious… this children’s museum is a joy. The carousel inside is a must ride and of course we loaded up in the gift shop because no trip is complete without a little gift.