WeLove Peru

We explored the opening day of the Folklife Festival yesterday on the National Mall and it was a great time! Pack snacks, a blanket and make a day of it.   



Learning how girls as young age six start building bridges for their tribe using natural fibers was stellar!

WeLove Sesame Place

Everyone has watched their share of Sesame Street episodes and I’m sure had a collection of Elmo treasures ….. ,but could you tell me how to get…. to Sesame Street!? ( I couldn’t resist)

Well we found our way and it was absolutely glorious!   

         Breakfast with the characters was a wonderful intimate experience where the kids had a stress free opportunity to take photos and make special moments with their favorite characters. 

You can bring food in the park!

Weekdays are ideal. Plan to stayover so you can maximize your day and no one gets grumpy.

Purchase Sesame Street goods before your trip to give your little gifts leading up to the trip to get them excited as well as during your visit to eliminate the pressure of expensive gift shop items. 

The Sesame Place Online shop has terrible customer service so be sure to make your purchases in the park

The elders that work in the park are so sweet and funny!
Have Big Fun Sesame Lovers!