Spiritual Saturday!

Are you hip to the FREE Saturday Morning performances at the National Theatre? Check out the remaining shows for this year and be sure to treat your little one to some weekend enrichment.
This weekend we enjoyed a performance by Lesole’s Dance Project: Dancing Through South Africa. The interactive, informative dance education we experienced was simply wonderful. Both children and parents alike were on there our feet. Truly this production made a positive impact on my day! Waking up early to receive the amazing energy in the room was such a blessing. While the majority of the dance lessons were instructing the children, or a mix of both…. One demonstration was predominately parents. Mr. Lesole gave a statement that touched on setting an example for our children, letting them know it’s ok to experience movement and embrace African culture. I took that to heart and embraced every moment spent there.
Next we were blessed to have been in attendance for the Children’s Africana Book Festival. A group of young ladies enriched our lives by sharing both movement and song from Africa.
Liv enjoyed getting a cheetah face painting done as well as crafting and munching on the fruit and chocolate provided. As always the African Museum is a wonderful place to wander around and take in culture. Liv literally had me read the description for every piece of artwork on display 🙂 I love seeing her engaged and absorbing positive experiences that assist her in developing into her divine self.
*Excuse the video quality… You should have been there 🙂

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